The program of the sports school Bambini consists of 9 months of active work and two breaks (one in January and one during July and August). Regular activities are comprised of two training sessions and one supplementary swimming session. They based on exercises which help the development of motor skills along with flexibility , speed, coordination, agility, stability, precision, persistence, strength.

Training is composed of basic athletic and gymnastic exercises as well as elementary exercises with a ball. The exercises are adapted to children ages 3 – 8 when they are best suited to developing certain capabilities and to being directed toward a certain sport.

Our goal is establishing the right values in life and channelling children into doing sports. We strive to provide children with sportive education that would, united with education at home, help their development and guide the formation of a complete personality.

Regular Activities

Motor skills development via training and swimming

Beside the regular activities

Organising charitable work

Promotion of different sports

Visiting sports facilities

Socializing in nature


During the winter and summer breaks, we organize a sports camp for children. The goal of our camps is making nature and natural treasures more approachable to children while making them actively participate in adventures in a natural environment.



Primary school “Jovan Dučić“, Bulevar Milentija Popovića 16


Primary school "Radoje Domanović" Bulevar umetnosti 31


Primary school "Ćirilo i Metodije" Učiteljska 58


Kindergarten "Srna" Omladinskih brigada 136


Bambini's professional team consists of coaches, professional sports workers and support staff covering all the areas that are related to activities in early ages. Each of our coaches specializes in a different branch of sports, and the whole team together offers the possibility of learning a great number of different sports.