About Us

Bambini is a sports and recreation association established in order to promote sport among children and youth. The head of the Association is the sports school Bambini which gathers children ages 3 – 8.

The school’s activity is based on developing motor skills and on guiding children towards the kinds of sports for which they have the greatest affinities and for which they express the most talent.

The Bambini Association cooperates with different sports clubs and associations which operate with same or similar goal of the well-being of children in sport. The school of sport is open to all children who want to practise sports. The professional team of coaches, in cooperation with parents, make the foundation of good child development in every segment of life.

Among its staff, the sports school Bambini has a highly qualified special education teacher

a speech therapist who, with his methods and skills, completes our thorough approach to each member. During a season it is compulsory to have a medical examination which we carry out in cooperation with official health institutions.

The sports school Bambini has a wide spectrum of different activities within its program.

In addition to regular training, we organise activities outside of the regular practises which include charities, visits to sports facilities, promotions of different sports, going out in nature as well as more traditional socializing, such as barbecues for children and parents. Our pedagogical approach and studious work are the base we use to provide your children with all the conditions necessary for happy and successful development in one place. We hope you will recognise in us all the great opportunities for growth and improvement for your children.